Friday, May 21, 2010


To all those still subscribed/reading, this url, please note, I have discontinued my blogger blog and will be using wordpress here on out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

My website URL is still the same (, and the subscription feed is, hope to continue to hear from you!

Rob Crow

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sweet Clementine

I know the song is Sweet Caroline, but come on, that's creative :) The Eastern Market in DC is a very cool place to get the creative juices flowing and snap some pictures of all things produce and art. There were some amazing photographers selling some pictures, and next time I go I have to make sure I grab some cards and spend some time picking their brains.

Closeup of a bag of Clementines  at the Eastern Market in Washington DC

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Picture tonight is another macro shot while I was down at the Jefferson Memorial for the Cherry Blossom Race. Don't got much else to say, but I am glad that spring is here again.

Tree leaves closeup shot

Monday, April 19, 2010

Big Game

This is why I have fallen in love with the 35mm! Walking around the Carnival with the 18-200 was fun, but it restricted me to only shooting with a tripod (4.5 was too slow to hand hold even with VR). But with the 35mm cranked down to f1.8, almost anything was possible. Also the sweet Bokeh it creates is just amazing. I got to use a 70-200mm f2.8 on Sunday at the class, and when I can save enough money (and it may be a while), that's definitely going to be my next lens. I could hand hold it on almost every shot without even worrying about the shutter speed (something not possible with the 200-500mm).

Finally, I also want to direct some traffic over to my buddy Sam's website, he's been doing some amazing work lately, and I hope that he can continue (Lee, its time to start a website!).

Stuffed Tigers and Lions at the Carnival

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Full Range

Went to an HDR class today in Georgetown sponsored by Penn Camera. It was an amazing learning experience, and gave some great insight into this form of photography. It wasn't nearly as difficult to do the post processing as I thought, but it definitely takes a lot of pre visualization, and fore thought on what the final image will look like. We used Photomatix in conjunction with Lightroom, so maybe I will grab a copy one of these days and try making a few more...

The image below is one of the ones I created in the class of Rosslyn and the Key Bridge from Georgetown.
HDR City image in Rosslyn, VA

You Spin Me Right Round

The Carnival was in in town in Manassas, but man has the weather not been cooperating. What made for a great mountain biking day, made for a rather chilly evening. I put off going to the Carnival last night as it was raining, but forced myself to go tonight (I missed the Fair in Boise, and cursed myself for making excuses).

I setup a bunch of shots inside the Carnival itself (you had to pay $2 just to enter), but found the best shots outside the fence behind the Ferris Wheel. The cops, though, didn't seem to agree and parked right behind me the entire time I was shooting pictures and only drove away when I got back into my car.

Ferris Wheel at Carnival in Manassas, VA